Brandon Thomas Natural Artist Sea Spong

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Brandon Thomas Natural Painting Sponges are the perfect painting accessory, as the porous nature of the sponge allows it to absorb water and color directly into its fibers, for fantastic color load and controlled release. Carefully harvested in Greece, Brandon Thomas Natural  Painting Sponges are ideal for creating texture or backgrounds with the Brandon Thomas Signature Gesso(s). You will get a random sponge when you order. Because this is a natural product each sponge is different and creates one of a kind effects! 

Before you use your sponge, rinse with water and thing squeeze out the water. You want your sponge to be moist, not dry everytime you use it. Make sure to wash the sponge in warm water only, no soap! 

Every Brandon Thomas Natural Sponge has been cleaned and is ready for you!