Brandon Thomas Crystal Clear Medium ® 1 oz

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Brandon Thomas Crystal Clear Medium Non-Toxic and clear as Crystal! nothing like it on it the market!!!! This new clear only comes in 1 oz bottles that has a built-in fine tip for easy use!  its  smoother than all other clear mediums on the market today! This clear also has no smell!!! This clear is special for the Brandon Thomas WET-ON-WET technique. This medium is great for making the canvas slick over colored canvases such as black so your colors can blend easy. This clear will not yellow!! and keeps your color pure for bright sunsets or whenever you want your color to stay the same from the tube or the mixture such as dark trees or rocks. Non-Toxic, Clear as crystal, smooth flowing and Never yellows. Comes in 1 oz easy drip bottles for easy use, keeps colors pure and takes very little.   This is a slow drying medium.

ingredients: listed on the bottle 
Do not use if you are allergic to nut products. This product is made out of specialty refined walnut oil and other oils.
** Tip *** !!!! slow-drying oil!!!. Crystal Clear Medium ® increases flow of oil colors and slows the dry time. Use sparingly or mix with an equal amount of Mineral Spirits to create a traditional slow-drying medium.  This medium should not be used for touch-ups due to its slow drying properties. If you want to use this for touch ups we recommend to add equal drops of Mineral Spirits or to use Brandon Thomas Alkyd Walnut Oil Medium ® or Brandon Thomas Classic Clear Medium ® or Brandon Thomas Amazing Clear Medium ®



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