Brandon Thomas Classic Wood Palette

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*** NEW *** 
The Brandon Thomas Classic Wood Palette is based on the classic Kidney Shaped palette that has been around for years! And This is Brandon's 2nd favorite design now that he updated it to be more comfortable and balanced. Brandon's changed the front to a V and not the U shape. This allows you to put palette cups on this palette easier giving you a tighter fit, that a U shape palette that has curves won't. This palette also has Brandon's comfort curve so when you rest it against yourself it doesn't cut into your body but rides your body, like Brandon's original design. This palette is balanced and doesn't require the use of a counterweight that many kidney shaped palettes have. This was achieved by the placement of the thumb hole and changing the design around with size and placement where the arm goes and the thumb hole. This palette is lightweight and made of Birch with an oiled out finish just like the old masters used and will give you a  patina overtime! This palette will stain when you use it like most wood palettes but it won't suck up the oil in your oil colors because it is seasoned and ready to be used! This updated design on an old classic will make you feel like a master at the easel!

*Handcrafted in Lexington, KY USA 
*Large size 22 inches long by 15 inches wide 
*Lightweight of only 15 oz  
*Hand-finished to give you a smooth surface that won't suck the oils in your oil paint.
*Has a beveled thumb hole for comfort 
* Designed to hold palette cups easier. 

Please let us know if you're Right or Left handed. Because we select the best side and finish only that side fully to save time and to save you money!
This palette is made of REAL wood and handcrafted. This means it could have some imperfections. We do not accept returns on this product or give refunds on this products because it is handcrafted and made of natural materials.  
If you purchase this product and want to cancel your order before it ships a 20% restocking fee will be required. 
We stock Right handed palettes so all LEFT handed palettes will be made to order and can take up to 2 weeks once we start crafting your palette. We manufacture palettes and ship based on who orders first. We will let you know a base time of when your palette will be finished.