Brandon Thomas Amazing Yellow Medium ® 2oz

Brandon Thomas Amazing Yellow Medium ® 2oz

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Brandon Thomas Amazing Yellow Medium ®

Made for the Brandon Thomas wet on wet technique.

A little information about the Brandon Thomas signature mediums.
1. More pigments than any other pigment-based mediums on the market.
2. Specially whipped and fluffed for a creamy, smooth and flowing medium. 
3. Made with non-toxic ingredients for oil painting.
4. Not flammable
5. Made with environmentally friendly ingredients. 
6. Will not yellow over time.
7. Made to allow paints to smoothly blend on the canvas and still give you grip to break paint.
8. Has a mixing ball to mix the medium faster and to keep the pigments from laying at the bottom.    
9. Proudly made in the U.S.A

Shake Jar before using.

Amazing Yellow Medium is not used the same way as Amazing White and Black although you could. This medium is used for extra highlights, thinning down yellows, greens and dark colors to make them ready for highlighting. This medium gives the mixed highlight color a tone and gives it that body that makes highlighting so easy! 

Ingredients: Listed on the label