Brandon Thomas signature Wood Palette

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**** UPDATE ****  Palettes no longer have holes for smaller brushes.

Now you can have the same high-quality palette as Brandon! 

Now finished like the old masters and will give you a patina over time! This new finish will stain but will not suck your oil paints dry!

The Brandon Thomas Signature Birchwood Palette is like no other! This deluxe palette is designed and used by artist Brandon Thomas to specifically meet his oil painting needs! This patented design is made from high-quality birchwood. This large palette is ideal for using large brushes and for arranging a wide spectrum of colors for comfortable and convenient painting. Measuring around 15 x 23 1/2", the Brandon Thomas Signature Palette also features an ergonomic grip that sits comfortably on your arm without causing arm strain, because of its balanced design and weight of only 16oz  —  Brandon's palettes are seasoned to have a great patina for mixing your colors and hand finished with a specially formulated coating so your palette doesn't absorb the oil's out of your oil paints and medium. Before your palette is ready for you, it is put through a 10-day process of sanding, and seasoning. This process makes your palette durable and smooth for many years of use and easy brush and knife mixing. A split at the top to help keep white paint clean from brushwork and or oil runs. ( known as a color guard) Brandon's palette also has a special handle design to keep your arm from twisting and from using the "death grip" this will help keep your hand and arm from strain and cramps! Pick one up today, and you'll see why this palette is Brandon's favorite!
  • Large, deluxe oil painting palette.
  • Made of durable Birchwood.
  • Ergonomic design for right or left-handed artists
  • Well-balanced with less hand and arm fatigue
  • Great for laying out wide color spectrums
  • Color guard to help keep the white paint clean. 
  • Handle design to keep from using the death grip and hand cramps.
  • Handcrafted especially for you, in Lexington, Kentucky USA
  • No glare finish.
  • Weighs about 16 oz ( very lightweight )  
  • Perfect for any oil painter!
If you are left or right handed please let us know in the comments, So we can finish your palette the correct way! 

Each palette is made of natural wood. Your palette will not have the same grain design as the photo or the same color. Your palette will be close, but because it's real wood, your palette is one of a kind and uniquely yours! Also because each palette is hand cut, sanded and finished. It will not be perfect. If you want a palette that is perfectly cut and made the same, THIS PALETTE IS NOT FOR YOU! there will be imperfections! this palette is made by human hands, handcrafted for YOU!  Because this palette is finished like the old master's palettes it will stain and give you a patina over time. This is NOT the same palette finish we used on our 2017 palette model. 

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